Herning/DEN: Vier Sezuan-Söhne zugelassen

Alle vier für den 10-Tage-Test in Dänemark zugelassenen Junghengste von Sezuan haben den Test bestanden. [more]

Video of Sezuan in Herning/DEN

Patrik Kittel/SWE and Sezuan performed amazingly in Herning/DEN last weekend. [more]

Herning/DEN: Drei Sezuan-sons licensed

Three Sezuan sons earned excellent results and thus the approval for the SPT, one of them was awarded. [more]

Herning/DEN: Call Me Zorba one of the top price horses

The daughter of Sezuan was one of the most expensive horses at the auction in Herning/DEN. [more]

Herning/DEN: Sezuan-offspring successful

Sezuan sends six offspring to the annual finals of the best five-year-old Danish dressage horses. [more]

Herning/DEN: From another star!

Also at the second stallion show within the Danish licensing in Herning/DEN Sezuan appeared as from another star. [more]

Herning/DEN: D'avie approved

D'avie received the full approval at the licensing of the Danish Warmblood Association in Herning/DEN. [more]
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