Leudelange/LUX: Leopard'S Gucci Sinclair succeeds again

Third start, third success for Emma-Lou Becca/LUX and her Silvano-son. [more]

Leudelange/LUX: Again second rank for Leopard'S Gucci Sinclair

Also in the individual ranking of the juniors, the descendant of our Silvano placed second.   [more]

Leudelange/LUX: Leopard'S Gucci-Sinclair second

Emma-Lou Becca/LUX and her Silvano-son took second place in the international junior tour. [more]

Erbes-Buedesheim: Solitaire GPF wins superiorly

Sezuan's daughter was unbeatable in a dressage horse competition.   [more]

Leudelange/LUX: Third rank for DSP Spectre

Also in the final of five-year-old dressage horses, the Sezuan-son took third place.   [more]

Warendorf: D'avie's aim: the title defense

Severo Jurado Lopez/ESP and D'avie are again nominated for the World Championship of Young Dressage Horses this year.   [more]

Warendorf: Secret nominated for WC

Sezuan presents Secre, his third offspring nominated for the World Championship of Young Dressage Horses.   [more]
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