Training for Munich

Donna Unique and Patrik Kittel/SW's second official presentation is close at hand now. [more]

Patrik Kittel Nominated for London/GBR

The Swedish Olympic Committee announced that Patrik Kittel has been officially nominated for othe Olympic Games in London/GBR. [more]

Two Colts Born

The two colts were bred by Gestüt Peterhof. [more]

Pasture Season Has Begun

After their great success at the show in Hagen a.T.W., Donna Unique and Silvano have returned to Perl in good shape.  [more]

Sezuan Available in the Netherlands through De Watermolen

Dutch breeders have the possibility of obtaining semen from Sezuan through Jan Creve’s De Watermolen breeding station in Haaksbergen/NED. [more]
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