Herning/DEN: Queenparks Wendy outstanding leader

The daughter of Sezuan leads the Championships of five-year old dressage horses in Denmark.

Andreas Helgstrand/DEN sat in the saddle of the mare, who clearly resembles her father Sezuan in appearance and movement. The judges rated her trot and the rideability in the second qualifier 9.5 the canter and overall impression outstanding 10. The result of unbelievable 403 points made Queenparks Wendy, who comes from Kurt Gosmer' breed, to the winner of the test.

Zidan-DN by Sezuan and Bettina Jaeger took fourth place in the qualification, and also the seventh place of the test went to a descendant of our Sezuan. Elverhojs Raccolto comes from a Sandro Hit-dam and was presented by Meike Lang, the stallion is owned by Helgstrand Dressage. The final will take place on Sunday.


Nach Oben