Randbol/DEN: The titel for Queenparks Wendy

The Sezuan-daughter is the new celebrated Champion of five-year-old dressage horses in Denmark and even beats the World Champion Jovian.

Actually Queenparks Wendy competed in her own sphere in Randbol/DEN. The tall Sezuan-daughter dominated the final of five-year-old dressage horses and took the title under Andreas Helgstrand/DEN with a final score of 9.60. The individual scores were 9.0 for the walk, 9.2 for the trot, 10 for the canter, 9.8 for the rideability and 10 for the perspective. Queenpark Wendy even beat World Champion Jovian to second rank.

Sezuan was represented by two further successful offspring in the final. Meike Lang and Elverhojs Raccolto finished fifth with a total score of 9.02 and Joshua by Sezuan-Voice placed seventh in the Championships under Soeren Wind/DEN.

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