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It’s the details that make the service so special. 

A modern and innovative center, Gestüt Peterhof combines training with prophylactic health measures and rehabilitation. The services we offer are as individual as your wishes. The horses we are entrusted with enjoy our full attention and care. 

Your horse will definitely feel good at Gestüt Peterhof!





You horse can enjoy wellness at Gestüt Peterhof if, for example, you don’t have time for training or you would like the horse to recuperate from a strenuous show season. In compliance with your wishes, a feel good and fitness program will be prepared which can include grazing, putting out on pasture, putting out in a paddock, lunging, riding, infrared warm cabin and aqua-training – with the goal of increasing motivation and ability to perform.

Our services include spacious boxes with a window that are cleaned daily, three feedings a day with individual portions coordinated to the needs of the horse and daily grooming.

Gestüt Peterhof offers ideal conditions for clinics or even longer-term training stays. A separate stable tract is provided for guest horses, as well as two quarantine boxes for horses from abroad.

Of course, you can not only use the indoor riding arena, the outdoor arenas, lunging arena and racetrack, but also the surrounding pastures and paddocks during the time of your stay.




The success of veterinary treatment often decisively depends on the quality of subsequent rehabilitation.

Gestüt Peterhof is well equipped for follow up treatment of four-legged patients. In close coordination with the treating veterinarian, a physiotherapy and ergotherapy plan will be prepared.

Our all-inclusive offer ranges from aqua-training, to walking, lunging, grazing or putting out on pasture to initial training under a rider.

Six boxes are available in a separate wing of the stable and our experienced employees provide full time care.


In our aqua-trainer, the tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints of horses can be trained under controlled conditions –¬ also after pauses due to illness or injuries.

Depending on their state of training, the speed of the tread mill and the height of the water can be adjusted.  This stimulates the circulation of blood and improves their state of health which reduces rehabilitation time.

Your horse can easily enter the aqua-trainer from the front and can look over the edge during therapy.

An experienced person will be present to monitor the training units from the beginning until the end which can last up to 30 minutes.

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