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Gestüt Peterhof



Gestüt Peterhof is not only a highly modern training center, but also specializes in health prophylaxis and rehabilitation.

The Stud

The Right Ambience for Sport - with the Peterhof Stud Farm, Arlette Jasper-Kohl and her husband Professor Edwin Kohl fulfilled a long cherished wish of their hearts. In the small village of Perl, picturesquely situated on the slopes of the Upper Moselle and also conveniently located in the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg, an oasis of well-being was created for people and animals.
The spacious facility, thought out and designed down to the smallest detail by the designer Arlette Jasper, offers ideal conditions for keeping, training, wellness and convalescence.

Horses for sale


Gestüt Peterhof has a small and selected number of horses for sale, which are ready to be tested by the riders themselves.

Job offers


Gestüt Peterhof is looking for you …

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