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The Stud

Gestüt Peterhof was the fulfillment of a dream that we had for a long time. Situated in a picturesque village named Perl, located on the slopes along the upper Mosel River and also conveniently situated in the triangle of countries, Germany-France-Luxemburg, an extremely comfortable oasis for humans and animals was created.


The spacious facility offers ideal conditions for keeping, training, wellness and convalescence, all purposely designed and lovingly realized right down to the smallest detail. 



In the light-flooded indoor arena with waxed sand and an entire wall covered with a mirror, we can completely lower the window panels in summer to ensure pleasant temperatures.

An outdoor ring with international dimensions is also available for horses and riders. Underground irrigation ensures that the footing remains elastic and gentle on joints as well as dust-free.


An indoor lunging hall, a race track that surrounds the entire property as well as a network of bridle paths in the adjacent countryside allow various possibilities for training. 


The stable, which is divided into several smaller wings, has 22 spacious, light-flooded boxes with windows.  Spaces for grooming and the tack room are located near the entrance to the indoor. After their workouts, the hoses can relax with wellness treatments, from a solarium all the way to aqua-training.


The Stable


The 30 acre estate has 32 fields enclosed with fences. All of our horses, including the breeding stallions that compete internationally, are put out to pasture – the whole year round. 

Abstrakt Wüste

Social responsibility

Gestüt Peterhof wants to assume social responsibility. Thus, the construction and operation of the stud farm was mainly entrusted to companies in the region. The production of hay and straw as well as pasture care are in the hands of local farmers.

The work and the people who do it for and at Gestüt Peterhof deserve great respect. Accordingly, not only horses, riders and guests should feel comfortable, but also all employees.


Ecological aspects are taken into account in the construction and operation of Gestüt Peterhof and sustainability is emphasized to conserve natural resources.

Precise orientation to the sun and good insulation ensure pleasant conditions all year round and low energy consumption.

Social responsibility
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