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Schlieckau: Shu Fu class leader

The son of Sezuan is the clear winner of the 50-day test in Schlieckau.

Sezuan and Patrik Kittel/SWE. Photo: Altenhofer

With the Sezuan-Fürst Heinrich son Shu Fu, Sezuan once again presents an exceptional talent. The Celle State Stud is the exhibitor of the movement-genius chestnut stallion bred by the Greim Stud. The judges rated the Hanoverian's canter with an even 10, and the rideability was given a 9.50 by the outside rider. Shu Fu received a 9.0 a further five times, so that the stallion came to a weighted final score of 8.84. This made the Sezuan son the clear winner of the strong 36-strong starting field.


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