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Sezuan's dam died at the age of 19 - an absolute dream mare!!!

Bred by Theodor Schmidt at his Bøgegården Stud, Bøgegården's Don Romina (by Don Schufro-Lionell) became the Danish Gold Medal and Champion Mare in 2006. Bred to Zack, she produced our three-time dressage horse World Champion and winner of the international Small Tour, Sezuan (breeder: Linette Jaeger) under Dorothee Schneider, the Burg-Pokal winner Straight Hors Ascenzione (breeder: Stutteri Straight Horse) under Helen Langehanenberg and the champion mare Straight Horse Sezuanna (breeder: Stutteri Straight Horse) under Imke Schellekens-Bartels. She also produced Straight Horse Don Tamino (by Totilas)/Philine Brunner/SUI.

In 2021 Don Romina was awarded the title "Dressage Mare of the Year" by the Danish Verband.

Photo: Ridehesten


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