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Weilheim-Teck: Bronze for Sezuanero

Lisa Steisslinger and her Sezuan son win bronze with their team at the Württemberg Team Championships.

The 18-year-old junior and her seven-year-old black gelding took fifth place (69.314 percent) in the 3rd classification for the team championships, a medium (M**) level dressage test. With their team, the PSK Böblingen, the pair then won bronze overall in the Württemberg team championship of the equestrian sport districts. Lisa Steisslinger is not only Sezuanero's rider and owner, she also bred him herself. After Sezuanero was born in 2016, Lisa Steisslinger and his dam Havanna Negra won team silver in 2018 and team gold in 2019 at the Children's European Championships and celebrated successes up to M** dressage level. With the son, she is now victorious in S* dressage.

Photo: reiterjournal


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