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Zweibrücken: Sezuan offspring in front

At the Youngster Dressage Day at the Zweibrücken State Stud, two Sezuan offspring won gold ribbons.

The six-year-old Sonnerie Souveraine, bred by Jens Thorsen and ridden by Minna Elina Uronen, won the elementary (L) level dressage class. The pair received an overall score of 8.2, with the trot scoring the highest at 9.0. And in the S* dressage, Sezciano Forte won with Mathilde Koefoed-Nielsen. The eight-year-old Oldenburg is bred by Astrid Mag. Artner and received 69.896 percent.

Sezuan with Patrik Kittel. Photo: Altenhofer


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