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The Team

Arlette Jasper-Kohl

The designer Arlette Jasper-Kohl started riding as a child but paused for several years while she was away at private school. During her twenties she competed at shows in dressage up to advanced (S) level. 

As time went by, the success of her professional life as a designer and decorator of homes and hotels at home and abroad left little time for riding.

It was her husband, Professor Edwin Kohl, who encouraged her to return to horses again. The joy in this pastime was expressed in the construction of Gestüt Peterhof which clearly has the mark of Arlette Jasper-Kohl.

Edwin Kohl

Professor Edwin Kohl is a body and soul businessman. The founder and owner of kohlpharma, which is Germany's biggest pharmaceutical importer, he is also the motor behind further companies in the pharmeceutical and pharmacy market.

For Professor Edwin Kohl, who encouraged his wife Arlette Jasper-Kohl to start riding again, Gestüt Peterhof is a place to relax and rest and a place to meet business friends.

For Edwin Kohl, who is born in Saarland, it is a matter of concern that the philosophy upheld by his companies and his wide-ranging cultural and social commitment benefit the region in which they are located, also applies to Gestüt Peterhof. 


Ulrike Lautemann


The education of Ulrike Lauteman in riding was influenced by great German riders such as Fritz Tempelmann, Harry Boldt and Günter Festerling. She oversees the training of the horses at Gestüt Peterhof.

An accredited master of equitation and national coach, she has won more than 40 advanced level dressage tests, has placed more than 100 times in tests up to Inter II and took the Saarland Champion title seven times. Ulrike Lautemann holds the gold pin of equitation awarded by the German FN as well as the gold pin awarded by the German organization for professional riders and is a judge. She is a member of the audit committee and the executive board of the German Professional Equestrian Association.

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